Welcome to my office, part 3: Unloading

“Take a load off, Fanny.
Take a load for free.
Take a load off, Fanny.
And….you can put the load right on me.”
(The Weight. J. R. Robertson, 1968)

Today’s installment includes yet another therapeutic metaphor.

Sometimes you need to unload–your burdens, your troubles, your frustrations, your feelings. Sometimes, quite plain and simple, you just need a listening ear while you bitch. You need someone who will sit with (or next to) you and create space where you may retreat from your hectic life and find a place of solace and rest.

Someone told me recently they loved the idea of walk-and-talk therapy but in this person’s self-awareness there was the understanding that when and if a difficult topic arose there would need to be a place to stop and process. This person confessed a need to process and worried walking would distract from focusing on the issue at hand. That’s reasonable. Besides, another benefit and goal of therapy is raising self-awareness so this individual was ahead of the game.

IMG_9183 IMG_9183

As you can see from today’s pictures there are benches in the park. If you have need to rest and “take a load off” we can pull up a park bench and do that. There are benches in the sun (for those days when it is particularly cold which I know is hard to imagine right now), and benches in the shade. I also offer the option of an air-conditioned office space or online, video-conference therapy.

If you or someone you know needs to “unload,” you may reach me at 404-895-1525 or Denice@WalkAndTalkAtlanta.com.

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