You are a licensed marriage and family therapist. Does this mean you only see couples or families?

Good question! Actually most of my clients are individuals. Like other mental health professionals I am trained to manage a wide array of mental and emotional issues. Being a licensed marriage and family therapist means, however, that I was trained to approach these issues from a systemic point of view. I consider all the various influences that might be contributing to someones overall well-being, as well as helping my clients view their circumstances from a broader perspective to consider solutions they might not otherwise have been aware.

How much do your sessions cost and do you take insurance?

For more information on session fees, insurance, and “invest in yourself discounts” please see insurance and pricing information.

What is your therapeutic approach?

I approach therapy with compassion and empathy with a focus on client goals. I also employ a strengths-based approach where I help my clients see what they’re doing right, determine what other things they feel are within their means in order to continue to improve upon what they already do well. I employ a variety of cognitive and experiential approaches and attempt to tailor client sessions to my clients’ unique personality and circumstances.

In what areas do you specialize?

Having spent many years working as a behavioral health specialist within a primary care medical setting, I am trained as a “general practitioner” of mental health and approach treatment from a systemic and holistic focus. I believe our overall well-being, including our physical health, cannot be separated from other areas of our overall functioning. Mental and emotional issues in the form of depression, anxiety, grief, as well as relational or occupational stress, may also manifest in physical symptoms and vice versa. This is one of the reasons I champion combining traditional therapy with physical activity in the form of walk-and-talk therapy.

More specifically, I specialize in depression, anxiety, grief, and general stress. I utilize emotional freedom technique for clients with anxiety, phobias, and trauma. I also work with clients struggling with relational stress that is often the result of unhealthy personal boundaries.

What are your office hours?

Please see practice information for additional information on office hours and scheduling.

FAQ’s about walk-and-talk therapy:

Please see walk-and-talk therapy for more information.