Walk & Talk Therapy


Walk-and-Talk Therapy 

Walk-and-talk therapy is a rapidly growing practice where therapist and client take sessions outside, off the therapy couch, and walk side-by-side in a more natural setting. Walk-and-talk therapists believe in the combined therapeutic benefits of talk therapy combined with physical activity and nature exposure. Individuals who engage in hysical activity and nature exposure report improvements in mood, clearer thinking, and increased creativity. Walk-and-talk clients report that walk-and-talk is a full-body, multisensory experience that helps them feel better, think more clearly, and embody and remember their therapeutic experience months or even years later. Client report feeling like their conversation flows more easily and it is less intimidating to walk side-by-side with their therapist versus sitting face-to-face in an office setting.

If you believe you might benefit from talk therapy and believe sitting face-to-face in an office is unappealing or maybe even intimidating, perhaps walk-and-talk therapy might be a better option for you!

Who would benefit from Walk-and-Talk therapy?

  • Individuals seeking therapy for any of the typical reasons they would seek out traditional talk therapy including anxiety, depression, grief, stress, school, work, or relationship issues, or stage of life issues (i.e., aging or “sandwich generation” issues).
  • Individuals seeking to change behaviors related to physical health (i.e., diet, exercise).
  • Individuals who find themselves “stuck in a rut” and are in need of change in most any area of life.
  • Any individual wanting to live their best life!