Welcome to my office, part 2: Everything changes

Yes, today’s picture is another view of the midtown skyline from one of the vantage points surrounding Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park. However, if you look closely you can see a red crane just to the right of the middle gap in the skyline. The Atlanta skyline, as is true with every big city, is ever changing. A new high-rise apartment complex is being built and it’s outline will likely fill in the gap between these two sets of buildings.


Like this skyline, life is full of change. Some are immediately noticeable. Some, like the construction of this building, happen over time. Some are welcome while some are not. Some changes are new and exciting while others induce fear and worry. And some cause both at the same time. Some of the residents of surrounding buildings are not thrilled with this new development in anticipation of the increase in traffic and the obstruction of their view of the park that will also result; however, this development could serve to increase surrounding property values. The developers of this complex are undoubtedly excited about this new building and the income that will likely result; however, what happens if they are not able to rent enough units to realize a profit?

How do we manage change? Do we sit back and see how things unfold and then if there’s a problem deal with it then? Are we proactive in controlling what we can control along the way? Both tactics can be beneficial at various times for different reasons.

Therapy is about change: managing the changing skyline of our lives as it happens, or as issues arise as a result. It is also about purposing to make a change: clearing out the lot, digging the footings, and bringing in the machinery to build the life we want in the long run. What story does the skyline of your life tell to others? What would you like for others to see?

Come take a walk with me and process how you might bring about the good changes you desire in your life. I can be reached at 404-895-1525 or Denice@WalkAndTalkAtlanta.com

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