Exploring new territory

It’s no secret I like to explore the outdoors. Perhaps the only thing better than having a park as my “backyard” in the midst of the big city would be living in the mountains with plenty of hiking trails to explore. Ideally I could have both.

Today, however, my better half and I went out for a walk and took a detour. I knew about the detour but didn’t want to take it on by myself. And rightly so, it was not an area that I would have been comfortable exploring by myself certain times of day or certain times of the week. But today the alternate route was calling my name and it was full of surprises and new perspectives.

I had read about the eastside extension of the Atlanta BeltLine and while I’ve put in many a mile on the paved eastside section I had not yet ventured onto the extension. I had checked out the route on various maps and had an idea where it would go and where we might come out; however, viewing the route on a map versus experiencing it in the flesh was a very different experience!

First, there were plenty of surprises along the way. Things I wasn’t expecting such as the two artistic treasures pictured. I could have easily walked past the mask without even noticing it had I not looked up from the path we were walking at just the right moment.

underpass mask

We also had a general idea where we were based on our knowledge of the path from the maps but the path didn’t come out exactly where we expected and we were “lost” for a brief period of time. If it weren’t for landmarks with which we were familiar and a keen eye for an exit we could still be out there wandering the trail.

And now, you guessed it–I’m about to make some more therapy analogies. Therapy is exploring your life from a different angle. It is taking some time out to walk through circumstances with a slightly different perspective–to travel down a slightly different path for a period of time. The therapist and the client have an idea of where the therapy session might go, but often there are surprises along the way which are revealing, enlightening, and can sometimes bring new perspective.

It is also important to pay attention to the landmarks along the way. It isn’t always helpful to continue down the same trail for too long. Sometimes there is no benefit. Sometimes it is easy to get lost and not make real progress. Sometimes time restraints permit further exploration. And sometimes the subject matter is too amazing–or too difficult–to digest all at once and must be revisited again at another time.

The thing to remember, however, is that it can be refreshing and exhilarating to travel down a previously unknown path with a trusted individual.

If you would be interested in exploring some new territory in your life and would like someone to walk alongside you, give me a call at 404-895-1525 or email me at Denice@WalkAndTalkAtlanta.com. I am totally up for the adventure!

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