Ready for adventure

What are your favorite shoes?

my chacos

My favorite shoes are my Chacos. I have worn my Chacos all over the world. I have even had to have a pair re-webbed after a vacation mishap; however, that just allowed me to purchase a second pair since I didn’t have any other casual shoes with me on that trip.

Besides being comfortable, my Chacos are durable and call for adventure. They’re not my prettiest shoes. On the contrary, they’re quite clunky looking. But they get me where I’m going. I also have awesome criss-cross tan lines on my feet that are reminders of where I’ve been and all the fun things I’ve done while wearing them.

Life is an adventure and we all experience it very differently. Some of us need more support/equipment to endure our journey than others. Sometimes that support takes the form of therapy.

Therapy is not just for those experiencing severe mental illness or major life crises. Therapy is useful for greater self-discovery, for help in making decisions, for overcoming fear, for coping with a new life stressor (even the good ones!), or for helping make the good things in life–like our relationships–even better.

Could you or someone you know could use a little extra support in their life’s journey/adventure? Put on your favorite shoes and join me for a walk-and-talk therapy session.

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