Lost? Stuck? What now?

Ever been driving or walking somewhere and got turned around or lost? What did you do? Did you continue driving or walking around for a bit thinking you could find your way only to realize you were now REALLY lost? What then?


These days many of us have GPS-enabled smart phones that point us in the right direction; however, even these maps fail at times. For instance, during one particular family vacation several years ago we hit a detour not included in our driving instructions. This was before our phones were smart enough to reroute us. More recently, however, I have been driving to a location (or two or three) only to find out the map app was ever so slightly off and the destination was a mile or two in another direction entirely! What do you do then? Stop and ask for directions? Keep driving? Turn around and go back home?

Sometimes while on our life journey we might hit a roadblock, or detour or two. We might think we’re headed in the right direction and have almost achieved our goals only to realize the destination to which we thought we would arrive shortly has since relocated and although we’re closer to our goal we still have quite some way to go. Or what happens when our phone battery dies and we forgot our charger? During these times we might need a little extra help in the form of guidance from someone familiar with the area, or perhaps someone to bring along a gas can and refill our tank (or a loaner phone cord) so we can push on through the extra miles we’ve now discovered we still have to cover.

I have been describing various metaphors for life and therapy and this is no different. Sometimes in life we get lost and/or just plain stuck. We lose our way and we need some extra help to get back on track. This extra support and direction may come from any number of sources including a counselor or therapist. Counselors and therapists are trained to help people look at their life circumstances from a different perspective and to help people get back on track, find a different way to achieve a goal, or choose a different destination altogether.

A good therapist serves as a guide working with you to achieve your personal goals in a way best suited to you and your needs. Some people need more specific direction than others. For some, “hey–you’re going in the wrong direction,” is all the correction they need. Some people get way off track and need a lead car or someone to ride alongside them until they have reached their destination safely.

Are you (or someone you know) currently lost, stuck, or struggling to find your way? I would be happy to walk alongside you and help you figure out where you would like to go and the best way to get there. Give me a call at 404-895-1525 or email me at Denice@WalkAndTalkAtlanta.com. Let’s get you where you want to be!

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