Relationship Health

Are you in a committed relationship wanting to enhance the health of your relationship?

Denice has recently become a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. PREPARE/ENRICH is an evidence-based program focused on creating and sustaining healthy relationships. It utilizes a personal assessment providing feedback on a number of aspects that influence relationship health.

The PREPARE program focuses on helping engaged couples build a strong foundation for marriage by providing insight on personality, relationship dynamics, and planning for various life cycle stages committed couples generally navigate together. The ENRICH program is a type of relationship “check up” geared toward strengthening commitment and communication. Both PREPARE and ENRICH focus on relationship strengths and areas of growth.

The PREPARE/ENRICH program may be conducted in a workshop format with follow-up couple counseling sessions, or if a workshop is not available, or there is a scheduling conflict, couples may opt to engage in personalized counseling sessions from the start.

For more information or to schedule your first couples session call 404-895-1525 or email