Relationship Counseling


Premarital and  Relationship Enrichment Counseling

Prepare/Enrich is as assessment-based relationship counseling program backed by decades of research.

Who would benefit from Prepare/Enrich counseling?

  • Newly engaged couples seeking a healthy foundation for their marriage.
  • Married couples wanting to strengthen and improve an already good relationship.
  • Couples currently struggling with their relationship.
  • Co-habiting couples seeking help navigating the changes inherent in learning to live with a new partner.
  • Any couple wanting to increase relationship satisfaction.

What is involved in Prepare/Enrich counseling?

Couples will each separately complete an online assessment that will serve as the basis for counseling sessions. Couples will received a printed summary of their assessment results at the first session. The counselor will guide the couple through a number of designated exercises addressing areas of strength and growth, conflict resolution, and couple closeness and flexibility. Couples may also choose from a number of additional exercises to target specific areas of interest to them.

How many sessions are required?

A minimum of six hours of couple therapy is recommended to cover the basics. Most couples begin with four 1-1/2 hour sessions with the option for additional sessions as needed. Engaged couples meeting the 6-hour requirement will be provided with a certificate of completion that may be used for a discount on their marriage license.