Welcome to Sole to Soul Therapy & Consulting, LLC

Are you or someone you know anxious, depressed, stuck or STRESSED? Do you feel you might benefit from talking through some of your life issues no matter how big or small?

At times we could all use a listening ear yet traditional therapy in an office setting may seem formal and intimidating. Why not put on some comfortable walking shoes and experience the benefits of therapy in an outdoor setting?

Denice Crowe Clark, LMFT, owner of Sole to Soul Therapy & Consulting, LLC, offers “walk and talk” therapy in Midtown Atlanta in scenic Piedmont Park (or other mutually agreed upon location). Walk-and-talk therapy combines the proven therapeutic benefits of being outdoors in nature, exercise and talk therapy. Join Denice for “fresh air and a fresh perspective!”

Denice also specializes in Motivational Interviewing for behavior change and is a Motivational Interviewing trainer.

For more information regarding walk-and-talk therapy or Motivational Interviewing, you may contact Denice at Denice@WalkAndTalkAtlanta.com or 404-895-1525.